Offsite is Simplifying Construction

End user expectations for higher standards of sustainability, building performance and architectural design are constantly increasing, whilst timescales are reduced.

Offsite manufacturing-based construction of prefab buildings outperforms traditional methods, accelerates project delivery, reduces waste and improves sustainability.

Cost effective, more adaptable, more energy efficient, modular buildings help clients do more for less without compromising quality.

The greater predictability and precision of modular construction pushes the boundaries of what is possible with insulated panels and makes the whole construction process simpler.

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Innovaré is Simplifying Offsite without Compromise

Innovaré is a specialist supply chain partner in the built environment.

Our purpose is to create exemplar buildings quickly, utilising a flexible system of offsite manufactured components known as SIPS or Structural Insulated Panels.

We help clients manage time, cost and risk more effectively.

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Innovaré makes it easy for you to achieve the flexibility, time and cost- saving benefits of offsite construction through a joined up design, manufacture and installation solution using our i-SIP panel system.

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Our award-winning i-Specifier construction management software makes it even simpler to personalise the specification of SIPS panels and design to your individual requirements.

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Through Innovation

Ensure PRODUCTIVITY from concept to completion by delivering the time, cost and quality benefits of offsite construction solutions.

Modular Building Construction


Through Partnership

Maximise the flexibility, creativity and risk management benefits of collaboration through DATA TRANSPARENCY and development of new SKILLS.

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Through Delivery

Achieve more with less through a customer focused approach that delivers assurance and CERTAINTY.


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Be Bold, Be Imaginative, and Be Confident – You Will Deliver the Vision
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Case Studies

Heathcote Primary School – New School for New Community
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