Delivering capacity without disruption

Work has now begun for Innovaré on a new project which, over two phases, will create a higher capacity Maycroft Residential Care Home.

This is an exciting project for Innovaré which will first see a new residential block being built next door to the current care home and on completion, phase two will involve moving residents to the extension and demolishing the current home to re-build in its place.

Innovaré are uniquely equipped to undertake this project. The i-SIP full structure is being manufactured in our factory offsite and then brought to site to be installed. Meaning a quicker build time, but crucially minimal disruption in terms of site activity and noise for those residents who are currently living onsite.

The use of the Innovaré i-SIP System allows the care home provider to extend the capacity quicker, to create a return on the investment sooner. With the added ability to build adjacently with minimal disruption meaning there’s no need to move residents away from their homes whilst works are being undertaken. As soon as the new home is completed the residents can be moved across and work on extending the capacity with the construction of the new block will be completed quicker.

So, at a time when budgeting for care home providers is tight, this project has helped manage that cash flow much more effectively, as well as making the opportunity for extending much less stressful.

If you are currently working on a project that could benefit from our offsite solution, get in touch.