Are We Entering a New Era of Exciting, Bold Architecture?

Innovations in building materials and technologies have always fuelled revolutions in architectural style. Whether it’s humble historical developments like the ability to mass produce fired bricks, or more recent innovations in structural steel and reinforced concrete, all have left their imprint on our built environment.

Arguably, we stand at the dawn of a new age of bold architectural design, spawning buildings that have the capacity to excite, inspire or even just provoke a reaction, while still delivering all of their functional requirements.

The inspiration comes from what some may find an unexpected quarter – offsite construction. Buildings made in a factory don’t have to be the boring boxes people assume them to be. And neither does offsite spell the end of architects, design flare, or buildings with the power to take our breath away.

New Methods, New Opportunities

In fact, offsite construction offers a wealth of new opportunities for architects to add panache and vigour to all types of buildings. Building using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is as much a design process as it is about manufacturing. The ability to construct buildings using large panels that combine all of the required structural, thermal and acoustic properties is liberating.

The technology redefines the process. Design, engineering and construction elements are integrated into a seamless workflow. New opportunities arise to experiment and bridge the gap between imagination and practicality. That is the promise of offsite and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Innovaré is proud to have worked with many forward-thinking architectural practices who were keen to explore the possibilities offered by offsite. Together, we’ve created eye-catching buildings for education, healthcare, housing and other sectors. Being secure in the knowledge that what is designed can be built, fires the imagination.

Panelised construction brings flexibility and the capacity to make the most ambitious plans a reality, for projects large and small.