Building at the Speed of i-SIP

As the severe restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 outbreak start to be loosened, to help businesses get back to work in as fast a way as is possible to do safely, education and local authority leadership teams across the country are no doubt striving to restart and get construction projects back on track.

We are finding our customers are facing wide ranging challenges with their sites either completely shut down or striving to recover from the disruption and the impact of the inefficient working practices that will mark the early stages of the restart. Not to mention the potential financial consequences of those delays and the necessity to deliver to promise milestones made pre Covid-19.

A typical further education scheme might accumulate prelim/site costs at circa £15,000 a week. With Covid-19 delays emerging of 15 or 20 weeks and little opportunity for cost recovery, the need to accelerate and claw back project programmes has never been so business critical.

i-SIP – Simplicity in One Panel

Our rapid i-SIP offsite structural fabric solutions could really help your project teams to recover and mitigate these potential project programme challenges. The ability to manufacture in a factory environment and at factory volumes and assemble on site to a watertight fabric in a matter of days can significantly reduce the construction timeframe. We are experienced at working to tight timescales and in the education environment, having completed over 180 projects. A fact that is reflected in us being on the 2020 DfE Offsite Framework.

In addition to recovering time against the scheduled programmes, the industry anticipates social distancing in the workplace, public transport restrictions and unreliable materials availability will continue to disrupt projects as the long tail out of Covid-19 takes effect.

Offsite has many attributes that can mitigate these operational constraints for traditional construction, reducing the number of people travelling and working on site and reducing transportation of equipment and materials.

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