Can the country afford to wait for the required structural changes needed in construction?

The House of Lords report, published in July, highlights the many structural issues preventing the wider adoption of offsite by the industry. Many of these have evolved on the back of traditional methods of construction.

Meanwhile, we have a shortfall in homes, schools and other infrastructure requirements. The shortfall compounds the social cost of under-provision of facilities and the construction industry is not keeping pace with what the country needs.

The reality is that those looking for more efficient ways to create higher quality, more energy efficient buildings don’t need to wait for the construction industry to catch up. There is no need to wait for the whole industry to change – just find the companies that have already embraced offsite techniques to build faster, safer and more sustainable properties.

We welcome the House of Lords highlighting the many benefits of offsite as a modern method of construction. In particular the capability it offers to build better quality buildings at speed. Those wanting to explore this alternative approach don’t have to wait to benefit. Innovaré has been providing manufactured construction projects for over 10 years and completed over 600 schemes, ranging from schools to housing to health facilities (including the largest panelised building in Europe).

While we provide an end to end solution for the delivery and installation of buildings, we also work very closely with consultants and architects. Our approach ensures the right design is developed in the first instance and recognises the importance of collaboration at every stage.

Panelised construction uniquely offers the combined benefits of greater standardisation of manufacturing with the flexibility normally associated with traditional construction. Other forms of offsite, such as modular, cannot provide this balance, which enables clients to realise the greatest efficiency of production with the most effective end-user product.

As well as delivering projects more quickly and safely, SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) construction creates more energy efficient buildings, making them more sustainable long-term as well as improving the overall methods of construction.

Over time, the construction delivery model will have to change to build better quality projects faster and more sustainably. But why wait when you don’t need to? Contact us today on 08456 740020 to find out more on how we are already delivering the model of the future, today.