Designing Learning Environments That Meet the Diverse Needs of SEND Students

Incorporating the needs of individual school communities into the design calls for people with in-depth experience and knowledge. Where we can help is with finding innovative, practical and cost-effective ways to deliver what specialists recommend. Successful project delivery depends on close collaboration between SEND specialists, architects and our design engineers from the outset of the project.

SEND consultants might, for example, emphasize the importance of high level windows in achieving good natural lighting and ventilation. They will advise on the need for uncongested circulation spaces and simple navigation around the building for ASD students. And they might inform us about the room sizes and acoustic properties needed for students with different needs.

Requirements Into Reality

We take those requirements and model them in our 3D design environment. Everyone can then see clearly what solutions would look like and how they can be incorporated into the overall design concept. That model then flows seamlessly into our digitised manufacturing process.

The beauty of the offsite manufacturing process using the iSIP and iFAST systems is that there is complete continuity between the design and the finished product. This provides the perfect environment in which to explore innovative solutions that are fully deliverable.

Innovaré is unique in offering an integrated design, manufacture and installation service. This takes further complexity out of the project. There’s more scope and opportunity to focus on meeting the diverse learning needs of the school community. The process also means that projects are delivered within budget and to a shorter and reliable timescale.

If you want to see the practical outcomes of this collaborative process, take a look at this case study for the Red Kite Academy. And if you’d like to know more about the process we use for creating buildings that meet the needs of SEND learners, please get in touch.

View our case study – Red Kite Academy