Difficult Site Access? No Problem!

What do you do when the ideal, or only, available site for a new building is surrounded by other buildings that are already in use? In the past the only viable answer might have been to give up. The project would have been too disruptive, difficult or costly, no matter how badly the potential new facility was needed.

The emergence of offsite construction has altered the definition of what is feasible. It’s now possible to provide badly needed additional capacity in education, healthcare and housing in many tight and hard to access locations. Previously, many of these sites wouldn’t have been considered beyond a cursory feasibility study.

The most significant change in modern construction is the amount of work that can now take place away from the site. Once the site preparation and groundworks are completed, the building structure arrives as a kit of large format panels and components that are quickly assembled.

Faster and Less Disruptive

The total time on site is reduced by up to 50%. Operations and deliveries can be timed to coincide with quiet periods such as school holidays. The operations that do have to be performed on site involve less noise, dust and vehicle movements.

And because the delivery sequence is carefully controlled there’s minimal need for onsite storage of materials, which can be another major complication on tight, hard to access sites.

Assembling the building from panels has further advantages. It simplifies some of the accessibility issues that would arise from having to manoeuvre large volumetric units into position. There’s also almost unlimited freedom when it comes to design. You can make use of every square metre of suitable land and make sure the new build is matched precisely to requirements.

When Difficult Access Becomes Easy Access

To give you an idea of how building in difficult to access sites works in practice, Innovaré has prepared a short video. It showcases a few of the amazing buildings we’ve created on restricted sites while causing very little inconvenience or disruption.

If you have a potential development site that you’ve always assumed would be too inaccessible for a construction project, contact the Innovaré team. Maybe it’s not as difficult as you think.

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