How Education Builds Can Have Speed, Cost Control and Bold Architecture

The cost and speed advantages of using offsite construction for education building programmes are relatively well known. Out of all areas of public procurement, it is education that has seen the biggest uptake of modern methods of construction.

Tight cost control and the confidence that even large and complex builds can be delivered to tight and predictable timescales are attractive qualities for education projects. But there’s a danger that another major advantage of offsite construction is being overlooked.

Offsite construction that uses Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) also brings the freedom to create bold architectural statements and excellent learning environments. It does this with the security of knowing that the architect’s vision is fully deliverable in practice.

The flexibility of large format panels and the design-led construction process allows schools, colleges and the contractors that support them, to be more imaginative and creative about the learning environment they want to create.

From Grand Designs to Finer Details

The benefits are both large and small scale. It could be the freedom to create an inspirational ‘signature’ building that sends a positive message to students and the community. Or it could be the fine details of using natural light and ventilation, and carefully engineered acoustics to enhance the environment to meet specific learners’ needs.

Innovaré has delivered many education projects. These range from small extensions that add a few extra classrooms and blend with existing buildings, up to eye-catching complete new build schools, such as the Three Rivers Academy in Surrey.

Depending on the needs of the project, SIPs can form the complete structure or be used as infill for steel or concrete frames. In either case, a dry structure is quickly established to ensure the project remains on track.

Our design and engineering expertise turns the vision into detailed plans that are manufactured and installed with great precision by our in-house teams. This end-to-end support allows bold structures to be imagined and then made real in a controlled and cost-effective process. Never feel that the ambition of education design has to be scaled back because you also want the time and cost advantages of offsite construction.

If you are planning new school or college buildings, whatever the size, discover how offsite and SIPs can give you the freedom to be more creative.