Greater Efficiency in Construction Doesn’t Have to Mean Compromise

There is a growing understanding of how offsite construction brings benefits in terms of shorter build times, lower cost and greater confidence. Even so, there are still some misconceptions.

There’s still a tendency to think of offsite in terms of premanufactured ‘boxes’ that are shipped more or less complete and fitted together on site. With this assumption comes the belief that increased standardisation means a compromise in how well the building will meet the needs of those who will use it.

The reality is that with panelised offsite (such as the Innovaré i-SIP system) there are even greater opportunities to design creatively to meet user needs. The faster build times and cost certainty come without any compromise when it comes to building performance and effectiveness.

Real World Solutions

In the real world all construction sites have constraints. There may be existing buildings or obstructions that need to be worked around. The size or shape of the site may determine the building orientation, which can have a significant influence when it comes to using natural light and ventilation.

Customisation is essential if a building is going to make best use of the physical space and fully meet user needs. Fortunately, the design-led process used by the i-SIP system is configured to support maximum design flexibility, with the absolute confidence that the building can be constructed exactly as it was designed.

Technical issues such as M&E installation are also fully resolved during the design phase. The large format panels are configured and precision made to make installation straightforward. There’s no need to drill or cut the panels onsite, which could affect air tightness or thermal performance.

By using the i-SIP system you get speed, convenience and cost benefits, while having a building customised to fully meet customer and end user needs. Find out more here or call us today on 0845 674 0020.