How Should We Judge the Success of Education Building Projects?

The challenges faced by building projects in education are heightened by a number of factors. First, the effectiveness of learning spaces is not an area for compromise, and neither is the building performance in terms of durability, energy efficiency and acoustics.

Added to this construction often has to take place on a restricted site with difficult access, without creating any more noise or dust than is absolutely necessary. And, of course, there is the question of cost. Every penny has to count and there’s limited flexibility to cope with budget overruns.

Programme delays are particularly unwelcome, as classrooms, student facilities and university accommodation are always needed for a specific point in the academic year. A successful outcome depends on many factors – so choice of construction partner and building methods matters a great deal.

Is Offsite Construction the Future for Education?

There are many reasons why the i-SIP System offers an optimal solution for education building programmes with multiple success criteria. Offsite manufacturing reduces the number of people, equipment, operations and vehicle movements needed on the site. Build times are also shorter, often by as much as 30%.

Dependable Construction Costs

Through design standardisation, it’s possible to cut significant costs out of each project. Mass production and lean manufacturing are possible in offsite, in a way that they can never be with traditional builds. Whether you are an end customer or main contractor, the savings and the cost surety that come from factory-built designs are major benefits.

The programme timing is also not at the mercy of the elements. And it is possible, if needed, to schedule the work so that the main structure is delivered and assembled during weekends or holiday periods.


In addition to the cost element, environmental and sustainability concerns are always at the forefront. The design-led panelised offsite process makes it easier to create learning spaces that are easy to heat and cool when needed, have plenty of natural light, and excellent acoustic properties. Offsite also creates significantly less waste than traditional builds.

Across many dimensions, speed, energy efficiency, quality, design flexibility and cost, panelised offsite has the answers. And because Innovaré offers an end-to-end design, manufacture and install service, partnering with us means you can achieve high-performance school buildings, without the high price tag or uncertainties that come with traditional builds.

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