Manufactured Construction – Faster, Cheaper And More Flexible

Why do we talk about manufactured construction rather than ‘modular’? For one thing, modular is not an exact definition of anything. It covers a range of technologies with different principles, applications and outcomes. It also often comes with assumptions about unimaginative boxes, design compromises and lack of flexibility.

None of this is helpful for a developer, client or architect that is considering adopting modern construction methods to reduce costs, speed up delivery or meet zero carbon goals.

Architects and developers like simplicity. They also want the flexibility to deliver the best possible building design to suit their clients’ needs and budgets. ‘Modular’ doesn’t necessarily sound like the way to do this. ‘Manufactured construction’, on the other hand, is a more precise and helpful term.

In terms of flexibility over the output, manufactured construction offers everything that traditional construction does – possibly more in fact. But, because buildings are assembled from a kit of parts produced in a factory, it eliminates the traditional high risk levels for cost, timing and quality.

Innovaré’s manufactured construction technology and approach are suited to any organisation that wants to enjoy the speed, cost and quality advantages of factory-based construction, while also offering clients complete flexibility over design standards, spatial planning and finishes.

Manufactured Construction is a Process and a Philosophy

Achieving the very best project outcomes doesn’t just mean throwing out assumptions and outdated ideas about how buildings should be constructed. You also have to revisit every part of the process from procurement to delivery.

A lot of the expertise needed to optimise both the design and the construction process lies with the manufacturer. A partnership-based approach to procurement using a multi-skilled and multi-organisation team will inevitably design better solutions that are simpler and cheaper to implement. A great deal of technical detail can be defined before the project is awarded so the team can hit the ground running.

This model of working is replacing cumbersome multi-tiered procurement and arm’s length relationships, where project participants seek to retain their own margins and offload accountability. Long-term partnerships where learning, risks and rewards are evenly shared will turn the principles outlined in the Construction Playbook into reality.

Partnerships formed around a manufactured construction approach are also the route to achieving sustainable margins for all project partners. We have the data to prove that this can be achieved  alongside ever-increasing value for clients in terms of building performance, costs and quality levels.

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