Research Shows We Really Can Help Children Learn by Building Better Classrooms


We all respond to our environment. Our state of mind sitting in quiet solitude on top of a mountain will be quite different from being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre. Environment affects how we act and how we think.

Also, according to research published by the University of Salford, environment has a significant impact on how effectively we learn. The Clever Classrooms study found that for primary age children a well-designed classroom environment can boost learning performance by up to 16%.

This is a significant difference that could even be life-changing for some children.

The report found that: “Natural light, temperature, air quality, colour and individualised classroom design are amongst the biggest physical factors impacting on pupils’ learning progress.”

Building Design and Fabric

Light, temperature and air quality are inextricably linked to the building design and fabric. Which is partly why the i-SIP System by Innovaré is being specified for an increasing number of school projects that need to meet the Facilities Output Specification.

Light, internal temperature and airflow, as well as acoustic properties can be managed through the design, composition, and tight manufacturing tolerances of the panels used to create the building structure.

Managing the use of natural light to create a pleasant environment calls for clever design. Even more so when there is a need to manage internal temperatures all year round with minimum mechanical cooling and heating. In our experience, the earlier collaborative work between designers, architects, engineers and production starts, the better the result.

Having a single partner like Innovaré responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing the structure provides an unbroken chain of custody from design to handover – ensuring that the desired building performance is consistently delivered. So the creative, clever classroom you require is followed through to the highest detail through the entire process – meaning you get the end result you want without having to compromise.

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