The Energy Crisis Shows Why Net Zero Carbon Construction Is Urgent

Anybody who thought that zero carbon and ultra low energy buildings were issues for the future has just had a rude awakening.

Supply issues in the natural gas industry are complex and no doubt there are a few scare stories in circulation. But, insolvency of energy companies and massive price hikes that could make it impossible for people to heat their homes this winter have grabbed our attention – and, inevitably, the attention of policy makers.

The fact that we are even discussing the possibility of three or four-day weeks for businesses because of energy costs and supply issues makes net zero carbon buildings an issue for today, not tomorrow. The urgency of the energy supply issue will put even greater force behind guaranteeing energy-efficiency performance when construction projects are specified and procured.

Net Zero Carbon Isn’t the Only Driver of Change

Meeting the demands of the net zero carbon agenda is one of several factors that the construction sector must respond to urgently. There’s also the need to accelerate project delivery, reduce costs and improve quality. The added expectation of rapidly implementing zero carbon performance is causing many to question how projects and supply chains should be organised.

How realistic is it to think that the energy efficiency of planned new buildings can be transformed urgently if projects are delivered using the same old cumbersome and fragmented supply chains?

New Construction, New Approaches

Delivering ultra low energy use buildings without a cost penalty means adopting new construction methods. Guaranteeing project and product performance also demands a more coordinated ‘one team’ approach in place of a tiered collection of organisations, each pursuing their own goals and agendas.

Manufactured construction presents the ideal opportunity to improve project outcomes through better integrated processes and teams. The project has fewer moving parts and each partner has a vested interest in the success of the entire project rather than just their part of it.

Innovaré has adopted this approach across multiple schemes. The successes in terms of project outcomes, cost savings and margin improvements prove that it’s a sustainable model for all stakeholders.

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