The Long-Term View of Value in Education Building

The Long-Term View of Value in Education Building

Unlike the direct cost of a building project, value can sometimes be harder to quantify. But the value equation is one that matters a great deal to schools, academies and local authorities. Expensive heating and maintenance, for example, can make a big difference to annual operating costs.

Here are a few of the factors that represent long-term value to schools. They are all areas where panelised offsite construction has convincing answers. Many of these benefits were highlighted in a comprehensive study of offsite construction carried out by KPMG in 2016.

Post Construction Defects

A story familiar to many schools will be the building projects that never seem to end. Although the new buildings look complete there seems to be an endless list of quality or building performance issues that prevent them being fully used or extending the build programme into term time.

Creating the building structure in a modern manufacturing facility is the best way to guarantee quality. Dimensional tolerances are extremely tight and the desired thermal and acoustic performance levels are built into the panel. Experience with projects completed using the Innovaré
i-SIP System
indicates that ongoing maintenance needs are low.

Running Costs

Energy is a significant cost line in every school budget. The i-SIP system is a proven method for meeting the strictest energy efficiency standards without expensive renewable heating systems or additional onsite insulation treatments. Again, the controlled manufacturing environment ensures that theoretical values for insulation and air permeability are achieved in practice.


Needs change, particularly in education. The KPMG report highlights the flexibility that offsite methods bring. Extending i-SIP structures laterally or vertically is normally straightforward, providing more options when student numbers or educational needs change.

Panelised offsite is also uniquely suited to building projects where there is limited space and where neighbouring buildings have to remain in use.

Faster Build Times

Disconnects between planned need, real need and funding cycles can sometimes mean that projects have to be completed quickly, to meet demand and ensure buildings are ready for the start of term.

As the i-SIP structure can be fabricated in parallel with site preparation and groundworks it’s possible to take weeks out of the programme. Timings are also more secure owing to the manufacturing process and the rapid on-site assembly.

Costs of panelised offsite are competitive with traditional methods, with the opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies through standardisation. But when it comes to long-term value the case for offsite is particularly persuasive.

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