Time to Embrace the Versatility of i-SIP

New ideas can sometimes lead to a polarised debate. With panelised offsite, there’s a risk that we end up taking sides and feel the need to pro offsite construction or pro traditional methods. Or we can too easily start to compartmentalise projects as being suitable or unsuitable for SIPs or an offsite approach.

With the scale of the challenges the sector faces, maybe taking sides isn’t the answer. For one thing, it can obscure one of the major benefits of the i-SIP System: its versatility. The question isn’t so much “is this an offsite project?” as, “what opportunities do SIPs offer to save time and cost or improve building performance?”

Innovaré engineers have successfully integrated i-SIP panels with concrete, steel, timber and glulam structural elements to deliver creative projects. Hybrid and mixed material solutions sometimes offer the optimal combination of efficiency, performance, rigidity and weight reduction.

Flexibility, Efficiency and Effectiveness

The process works both ways. Sometimes it’s a question of adding structural elements so that the i-SIP System can be used to create multi-storey structures or large internal spaces such as theatres, sports halls or atriums. Sometimes it’s a question of finding an infill technology for steel or concrete that can be installed quickly and which has thermal, acoustic and rigidity performance built-in.

On other projects, i-SIP panels are used to create a weather-tight structure one floor at a time so that fit-out can continue while the structural framework is being completed.

Technology and Approach

It isn’t all about the technology, it’s also about the approach to problem-solving. A more creative mixed material approach helps to make assembled production methods more practical and able to deliver more creative solutions.

Innovaré has over 10 years’ experience of offsite construction. During this time we have collaborated on a wide range of projects, combining many different materials and methodologies. It’s a breadth of experience that few can match and builds on the capabilities of our in-house design, manufacturing and installation teams.

Before sticking with familiar methods or making an assumption about the suitability of offsite within a particular project, it’s worth talking to Innovaré. Our engineering and design specialists will help you to explore ways that the i-SIP System can take cost and complexity out of your project, or add enhanced design opportunities and superior building performance. Call us today on 0845 674 0020.