When New School Buildings Simply Cannot be Delivered Late

Late delivery of a building project is never welcome, even though it’s something that happens so often that it’s almost become the expectation. Late delivery causes unique problems for schools. Overrunning works are highly disruptive to learners, and teaching may have to continue in unsuitable accommodation for longer than planned.

That’s why many in the education sector are seeking a building system that shortens build times and provides assurance that new buildings will be ready when needed.

There’s a huge practical difference between a school building that is completed, as planned, in August ready for the first day of a new school year, and a programme that drags on well into September or October. Problems are compounded if there are quality or performance issues that have to be addressed after the building is handed over. This is another irritation many schools will be familiar with.

Building Differently

Timing risks with traditional methods come in many forms. First, there is the fragmented process. It involves different trades and subcontractors, each of which can cause delays with knock-on effects on each other and the schedule. There is also the weather, which can bring the entire programme to a halt.

The Innovaré i-SIP System delivers dependability over build times because of the way the building structure is created. Internal and external walls are made from large format panels, which can measure up to 6m x 6m. Floors and roof cassettes are also manufactured in large sections for rapid installation.

The panels are precision made in our manufacturing facility. Meanwhile, the site preparation and foundations are being completed in parallel. This is one reason that build times are shortened. The other is that the building is rapidly assembled on-site to create a watertight structure ready for final fit-out. Having thermal and acoustic properties engineered into the panels reduces the need for additional follow-on trades and operations once the structure is in place.

i-SIP in Action

The large format panels used in the i-SIP System have proven their ability to take time and uncertainty out of school building programmes, time after time.

Rowley Hall Primary School was a complete new-build school for Sandwell Council. Innovaré’s build programme was completed in just under 7 weeks, fulfilling all of the project objectives for timing, quality and sustainability.

The i-SIP System is ideal for any size of school building programme, from a few additional classrooms up to entire secondary schools. On the Kings CE School new-build, Innovaré used scaffoldless erection to create a three-storey, 900 place secondary school totalling 7,318m² of internal floor area. The structure was delivered by Innovaré’s in-house design, manufacturing and installation teams in just 11 weeks
Because programme timing is so critical in education projects, large format i-SIP panels are being increasingly selected by customers, designers and main contractors who need greater confidence when it comes to delivery.

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