When Somebody Says ‘Modular School Building’ is This What You Think of?

This is the Castle Hill School in Basingstoke. It’s one of many high-quality school buildings that have been delivered using Innovaré’s modular i-SIP System.

Mention to some educational professionals that they’ll be moving to a modular or offsite-built classroom and you might well find them reaching for the TES Appointments section. Many have been scarred by the experience of the traditional demountable classroom: bouncy floor, noisy, hard to heat in winter and even harder to cool in the summer.

Those fears may well be misplaced if the modular solution involves the i-SIP System. Whether you call it offsite, modular or prefabricated, i-SIP is anything but flimsy or temporary. In fact, rather than being a second-best option it’s actually the surest way to deliver a learning environment that features the best in terms of natural lighting, temperature control, acoustic performance and ventilation.

Rapid Onsite Assembly

i-SIP is a system of large format panels made from an insulating layer sandwiched between two timber sheets. Each panel is manufactured to precise dimensions ready for rapid onsite assembly. The system can include pre-manufactured roof cassettes and precast concrete floors. Exterior cladding can be of virtually any type to suit design requirements.

Not only that, but the desired thermal and acoustic properties are designed and engineered into the panels. This significantly reduces the need for mechanical heating and cooling or additional soundproofing treatments.

This all adds up to a building system that can take weeks out of the build programme without compromising the design flexibility. It can be cheaper to build than traditional methods and offer greater confidence over energy costs and building performance.

Castle Hill School was one of four school rebuild projects delivered by Innovaré for Hampshire County Council. The projects delivered a minimum of 7% programme savings and £104,000 cost savings compared to traditional steel frame, brick and block construction.

The proven benefits of the technology and Innovaré’s unique integrated design-to-install service are convincing more education customers, designers and contractors to adopt the i-SIP System as their preferred building method.

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