Where Space is Tight You Need an Agile Wrap or Infill Solution

With growing pressure to maximise the use of developed land, the reality of many building projects is that sites are being compressed into tight spaces. Access can be difficult, particularly with a school, college or healthcare facility that needs be extended when this was never envisaged in the original design.

Minimal room for manoeuvring people, plant, scaffolding or vehicles can make logistics difficult to organise and can multiply safety risks. And sometimes the site is next door to existing buildings that are in use and would be affected by noise, dust and disruption.

Restricted sites mean traditional construction methods of infilling steel and concrete framed buildings are close to the limits of viability.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wrap and infill systems have the significant advantage that so much of the work happens away from the construction site. With our unique hybrid system, this wrap or infill solution can be extended to include flooring and foundations made from precast concrete.

On site, this means fewer operatives, less movement of equipment and materials and normally no scaffolding. The prefabricated large format panels are shipped to the site in a controlled sequence so there is minimal storage needed.

Fewer Onsite Operations

Infilling or wrapping the structure of the building is a case of positioning and securing prefabricated large panels rather than building walls, floors and roofs piece by piece on site. The i-SIP process is not only quicker, but it also causes much less noise, waste and disruption.

Offsite construction typically entails fewer deliveries and vehicle movements. It’s easier to schedule these when the impact on neighbouring buildings and communities will be minimised.

Site locations don’t get much tighter or more challenging than central London. You can read more here about how the i-SIP System simplified the infill of a luxury housing development in Chelsea.

The pressure to find suitable development land and make better use of existing buildings where they are already located is increasing. So there will be a need to find increasingly innovative project solutions. Block and brick infill is cumbersome and slow compared with the inherent flexibility of the Innovaré i-SIP and i-FAST systems.

SIPs have the further advantage of integrating the required thermal performance into the panels with minimal thermal bridging or air permeability.

Migrating to a more agile wrap or infill solution couldn’t be easier. Innovaré’s in-house design expertise, offers new opportunities to customers, main contractors and architects; while the integrated design, manufacture and install process ensures the simplest possible project execution.

Find out more about utilising wrap and infill for your next project here.