With Panelised Offsite, Better Performance Doesn’t Mean A Higher Price

In our everyday lives and in business we’ve come to accept that better performance means a higher price. Want your new car to be faster, your washing machine to last longer or your new laptop to do more? That will cost you extra.

In the world of construction procurement, expectations are ever-increasing. Clients want buildings that cost less to maintain, are cheaper to heat and completed faster. The only difference is that they don’t expect to pay any more for this enhanced performance.

Where does that leave contractors? Take a hit on what’s left of your margins – or find a better way to deliver the project?

Technology is One Part of the Solution

Part of the answer lies in adopting different technical solutions. Traditional methods have largely hit the limits of what they can achieve in terms of speed of delivery, cost savings and guaranteed performance. They continue to run the risk of delays owing to poor weather or skilled labour shortages. And building performance and quality are still highly influenced by the decisions of an individual operative on a given day.

Offsite building systems such as SIPs, on the other hand, have a proven ability to deliver projects faster, to a consistent quality standard and with the expected thermal and acoustic properties engineered into the structure.

Technology in Partnership

There are even greater advantages when developers and contractors rethink how projects are delivered based on the opportunities offered by panelised offsite.

A partnership delivery model allows you to identify opportunities to take time and cost out of the project at an early stage using a fabric-first approach. It also allows lessons learned from previous collaborative projects to be applied early on – even at the pre-procurement phase.

This type of collaboration helped to deliver the project to rebuild the Broxbourne School within a short time window while beating DfE targets for thermal insulation and airtightness.

Specifying a panelised offsite solution such as the Innovaré i-SIP System will deliver time savings and assured quality levels without any cost penalty. When you combine the technology with a collaborative approach to delivery, based on shared learning and partnership, you can achieve even more. You gain the capability to price competitively without sacrificing margins, while delivering the performance your clients expect and more.

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