Increased Standards for Enhanced Performance

As leading innovators in SIP technology, Innovaré has taken the key advantages of SIPs – strength, dimensional stability, insulation, and acoustic performance – a step further, creating a panel which provides intrinsic performance in the key areas of:

i-FAST is an offsite manufactured closed-panel framed wall, designed to give assurance to architects, contractors, specifiers and inspectors that their building achieves an inherent minimum level of performance, providing flexibility in the choice of linings and cladding.

Key aspects of the i-FAST system are detailed below.

Whilst the minimum fire performance is common to all panels in the range, thermal acoustic and structural performance varies with thickness.


i-FAST fire resistant wall panels provide in excess of 60 minutes standalone load bearing fire resistance and integrity, with insulation and board that are both A1 non-combustible, Class 0 spread of flame. Fireproof wall panels are achieved through the protection to the structural framing which is provided by the non-combustible board and insulation that protects the staggered stands.


The panel benefits from two dense facing boards which are isolated from each other by the staggered stud configuration and mineral wool core. Isolation of opposing boards provides resistance to airborne and impact sound.


i-FAST panels offer inherent strength through the structure. The double boarded panel construction provides excellent racking stability that exceeds the minimum performance, and the inner layer of studs helps transfer vertical floor and roof loads more effectively. Horizontal forces are transmitted into the foundations to resist overturning and sliding.


The panel addresses thermal bridging losses through staggering the central studs to limit the amount of framing in contact with the internal and external faces. U- values range from 0.28 – 0.12 W/m2·K and air tight performance is enhanced with the introduction of factory fitted VCL.


i-FAST is designed for a service life within a sheltered external or internal environment corresponding with service classes 1 and 2. The panel may be subject to limited wetting during construction without detriment to its performance, appearance or durability.


BOPAS (build-offsite property assurance scheme) is a joint venture between insurers Lloyds Register and Building Life Plans (BLP), Buildoffsite and Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors in consultation with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association.

The aim is to provide assurance to the lending community that MMC can be mortgaged and would be saleable for a minimum of 60 years. It is comparable to a combined ISO+BBA with an emphasis on risk management.