i-SIP – Simplicity in one panel

Whatever the complexity, scale or ambition of your project we believe the i-SIP building system offers the simplest, most reliable and best value solution for Structural Insulated Panels or SIP construction.


Rapid delivery through large format components

Structurally strong, large format SIP panels fit together easily and precisely, offering a quicker way to create a thermally insulated and watertight structure.  Time is significantly reduced with sip panel offsite through a combination of factors:

  • Less time onsite.
  • Greater productivity onsite.
  • Minimal weather impact.
  • More predictable build time.

With more confidence in the schedule, you can plan around any site access restrictions with confidence, making the system ideal for education and transport projects.

Cost-effectiveness through optimisation

Overall project costs are lower and more certain. The i-SIP system reduces costs through:

  • Reduced prelims and site overheads.
  • Fewer defects, snags or onsite reworks.
  • Eliminating material waste.

Shorter, predictable build times reduce project risks. SIP panel homes are ready for occupation sooner, releasing revenue and reducing financing costs. Standardisation across a property portfolio delivers further savings.

SIP building systems and sip construction

Quality through attention to detail

With Innovaré’s careful design and attention to detail i-SIP delivers significant quality gains:

  • The factory controlled environment eliminates variability.
  • There’s no risk of damage from onsite handling or poor storage.
  • Sealed and volumetric units minimise damage by follow-on trades. Careful design ensures that onsite reworking for M&E is not needed.

With greater quality comes a reduction in the whole life cost of the building, making offsite even better value throughout the building lifecycle.

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