Innovaré – Value Proposition

Exceptional Places

Whilst construction needs to continue to find more efficient and effective ways of working it must never lose sight of the purpose of every project. 

To create exceptional spaces and places in terms of how it performs in helping people live their lives, do their studying or managing their health. 

Projects need to be delivered with the same complete focus on making the most of every site and every building created regardless of function, scale or access.

People Focused

Integral to every project and every building created is the people who make it happen.

Manufacturing based construction has enabled us to develop a much better environment in terms of the safety and security of our teams both in the factory environment and on site. 

Greater flexibility in how we can fulfil a design brief and develop solutions allowing for much greater and more creative collaboration with clients, architects and contractors.

Healthier Planet

We need to develop and build for the future in a
significantly more environmentally sustainable way. 

We can have a positive impact on society by using more sustainable materials and methods of construction that accelerate the process of
reducing harmful emissions.

Timber frame and panelised construction offer a new way to build that will meet the zero carbon goals for both construction and throughout its lifetime of use.

Consistent Productivity

Efficiency gains in production have often been at a price to the planet or to the end user experience.

Manufactured, panelised construction is more efficient both in terms of materials and method, with the certainty of manufacturing combined with assembly on site. 

Build times can be significantly improved with manufacturing occurring at the same time as site preparation to bring time, cost and energy productivity gains, with much greater certainty of project delivery.

Proven Performance

Offsite is not that new, We have over 15 years experience and have completed over 1000 buildings from homes and schools to the largest offsite construction project in the UK.

In that time we have learnt lessons, developed and refined our processes and are one of the most experienced Offsite providers in the UK. 

We can simplify offsite for those coming at it for the first time or looking to extend their involvement in this much more efficient and effective method of construction.       

Resource Centre Access

We have created a free Resource Centre as an extension to the main website where you will find a whole host of factual and innovative information on everything relating to Offsite Construction. The sections we have created each deal with a specific subject and contain relevant information and stories to help you understand the benefits and differences offsite construction can deliver. We have worked with a number of people and organisations to create a valuable resource of information, which we constantly review and update, to respond to the changing landscape of construction and especially MMC.

You can access the Resource Centre by completing the form below, it will be nice to get to know you and we hope we can help you on your journey of learning and understanding. Do feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions at all.

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