Innovaré – Simplifying Offsite Without Compromise

Innovaré is the only major UK supplier to design, manufacture and install offsite solutions using SIPs. If you are a main contractor or architect, and you want to bring the speed, predictability and cost advantages of working with offsite construction companies to your clients, Innovaré is uniquely placed to be your full service technology partner.

Quicker through innovation

Traditional methods, reliant on a shrinking pool of skilled labour, have no answer to the issues of long and unpredictable build times. Offsite innovation means the building structure is fabricated in parallel with site preparation and groundworks. It is assembled onsite quickly and easily and buildability is designed-in through our value engineering process. Panels are configured to accelerate fit out, completion and handover.

The i-SIP System delivers a watertight structure by a predictable date, earlier than with traditional methods. You can schedule follow-on trades with complete confidence.

Our full thermal modelling service brings a new perspective to the design process. In many cases the thermal efficiency of i-SIP allows you to meet strict sustainability standards – up to Passivhaus – without expensive renewable energy add-ons.

Better through partnership

Practical building challenges are cheaper to overcome on a design platform than they are onsite. The Innovaré partnership approach opens up the design phase to architects, contractors and supply chains. By pooling practical expertise early on we create structures that easy to assemble and finish. No more late redesigns or onsite reworks that eat time and budget.

As one of the leading off site house construction companies in the UK, we are uniquely placed to simplify the offsite construction process and help clients manage time, cost and risk more effectively. Our aim is to make it easy for you to achieve time and cost savings through offsite construction, taking advantage of the greater flexibility through a joined up design, manufacture and installation solution with our i-SIP panel system.

Easier with complete delivery

Coordinating the people who design the panels, make the panels and then deliver and assemble them couldn’t be simpler. They are all Innovaré specialists, linked by state-of-the-art IT systems that control quality, precision and scheduling.

When you choose the i-SIP System you can be confident that every panel and component is made to precise tolerances in our modern UK based manufacturing facility. Together with our meticulous design process this eliminates variability, miscommunication and delays from the building programme.

Programming and scheduling can be done with greater confidence because the building structure is manufactured and delivered to a reliable and controllable schedule.

The i-SIP System can deliver a watertight structure by a predictable date, earlier in the schedule than with traditional methods. The greater timing security allows fit-out and follow-on trades to be scheduled with complete confidence.

The process from completing the structure to handover progresses smoothly and predictably. Because of the precision and stability of the i-SIP product, there are minimal post-handover defects to manage.