Technical Hub

The content within this section is designed to help you better understand the what and how of the products and services offered by Innovaré.

The Technical Hub contains reference materials, fact sheets, product sheets, glossaries, product descriptions and explanations designed to help you make more informed decisions regarding your future projects.

End to End Process
Bringing design, manufacturing, material sourcing and construction together into one streamlined system.
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What is a SIP?
SIP panels have been called “the building material for the 21st Century.”
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What is offsite construction?
Planning, designing, fabrication, and assembly of the majority of a building’s elements at a place other than the building’s final location.
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Quick reference sheet explaining terms and products.
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Fact Sheet - Roofs
Innovare’s i-SIP building solutions offer a range of roofing options to precisely fit the specific needs of a project.
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Fact Sheet - Flexibility
Adaptability, flexibility and extendibility are seamlessly built into the system without any of the extra associated costs.
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Fact Sheet - Daylighting and Structure
Optimising the design of the structure is crucial for maximising the amount of daylight available.
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Fact Sheet - Walls
The variety of panel thickness available means that thermal performance can be optimised as desired.
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Fact Sheet - Fire and Acoustics
All fire-safety and acoustic specifications can be designed in to meet any desired performance levels.
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Fact Sheet - Floors
The floor cassettes come with a platform that accepts a layer of finish as soon as the building is weather tight.
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Fact Sheet -Thermal and Airtight
Starting with the building fabric, the use of i-SIPs reduces heating costs in the winter and eliminates draughts.
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