Accelerate Your Building Programme

Innovaré’s wrap/infill i-SIP approach can provide architects and contractors with a simple, cost-effective panelised system for concrete or steel framed buildings.

Ideal for low and high-rise projects for the Education, Student Accommodation and Commercial sectors, the wrap/infill system offers significant programme advantages over traditional techniques and alternatives (such as light steel frame).


Wrapping panels on an external steel or concrete structural frame.


Integrating panels between floors or walls within a steel or concrete structural frame. Infill solutions can also be used inside the structure to create separating walls.

Speed and Flexibility

If you are looking to accelerate your building programme to potentially save up to 20 weeks, or slippage has occurred and it needs to get back on track, then a wrap and infill approach has the flexibility to ensure that critical timescales are met.

The single format panels are delivered and assembled rapidly on site and craned into place, eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding. There is
also the flexibility to be integrated at the later stages of a building programme – even stage 4 or 5. Greater design flexibility can also be achieved with a variety of facades and finishes available.