Economies of mass production with the advantages of flexible product design


Quick assembly on-site, only
48 hours to watertight


Homes configured to suit the demands of individual sites and density objectives


More sustainable materials and methods of construction reduce environmental impact

Manufacturing efficiency and flexibility unlocks housing capacity

To achieve the goals of faster build times, repeatable quality levels and reduced costs, Innovaré has re-engineered the process of creating new housing, from design to assembly with a component-led solution, Flexihomes by Innovaré.

This innovative solution uses manufacturing disciplines and streamlined production processes to deliver greater efficiency and cost control. This is delivered through a systemised and flexible configurations to deliver economies of scale and meet individual needs. This considerable flexibility over the end product optimises land use, responds to local needs and enhances the viability of projects.

Why Component-Led?

‘Component-led’ housing is a game-changing approach. It’s perfect for any contractor or developer seeking ways to provide energy-efficient, high quality and affordable homes. The product and the process ensure that homes are delivered to a timescale and budget you can rely on.

The principal benefits are:

  • Greater consistency and certainty of above-ground development costs for all systemised designs.
  • Limited or no cost premium for adapting designs to suit individual site configurations
  • Watertight structure achieved within 48 hours.
  • Truncated build times as the structures are completed in parallel to site preparation and groundworks.
  • Standardised but adaptable floor plans for a range of home types from 1 bed apartments to 4 bed houses and bungalows.

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The Product

All homes feature fully fitted-out bathroom pods that are manufactured offsite and shipped as completed units to the site. The range of fittings can be adapted to suit the end-user environment and product specifications. The rest of the structure is formed from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These are precision-made in Innovaré’s manufacturing facility and have a design life of 60 years.

Component-led design combines the advantages of scale with flexibility. This combination brings both cost-efficiency and cost certainty to housing development.

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Floor Plan

The Process

The design and manufacturing process is fully digitally-enabled. Advanced CAD technology breaks designs down into individual panels and components that are precision manufactured. The systemised designs make optimum use of the panels produced to simplify onsite assembly work and reduce waste.

Components are delivered to the site as needed where they are rapidly assembled into the dry structure ready for fit-out. Fewer defects and comprehensive ‘as-built’ documentation simplify the handover and ongoing maintenance of new homes.

Innovare Flexihome 1x1 4

Repeatable and Flexible

Flexihomes by Innovaré has the speed and repeatability of volumetric methods but without the design constraints of building from modules that have to fit on the back of a truck. While designs contain many standardised elements, each can be adapted with a very limited, or no, cost penalty to suit individual site dimensions or the required housing density or use.

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